US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he is considering a ban on flavored electronic cigarettes in the United States, which is becoming increasingly popular in high schools.

“It creates a lot of problems,” said Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House.

Six people died this year of acute lung disease after vaping refills containing THC and other additives being analyzed. Hundreds more have fallen ill.

“People think it’s an easy solution to cigarettes,” he said. “It’s new and it has grown so fast.”

“We may have to decide something firm,” Donald Trump added.

The Federal Drug Agency, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), has since 2016 put electronic cigarettes in the fold of tobacco products, and therefore has the power to regulate the market.

Secretary of Health Alex Azar said a regulatory text would be published in several weeks.

The FDA has already committed multiple offensives against electronic cigarette manufacturers accused of targeting young people in their marketing.

In August, she summoned four manufacturers to remove 44 refills and other flavored liquids from sale: mango, meringue, red fruit flavors …

These tastes are expected to attract the youngest consumers, in high schools and high schools, which has plunged according to health authorities a new generation of Americans in the habit of nicotine addiction.

Apart from the problem of nicotine addiction of young people who did not smoke before, there has been a health emergency over the past few months linked to the e-liquids sold on the black market.

At least 450 people have had severe breathing difficulties, including hospitalization and putting on a respirator after vaping, but it is unclear what exactly caused lung disease.

In many cases, the liquids contained THC, the psychoactive substance of cannabis, but it is likely that this was one of many additives in liquids that damaged the lungs by being vaporized and inhaled.

Electronic cigarettes are prohibited for sale to minors in the United States, 18 or 21 years depending on the state. If the authorities banned flavored cigarettes, standard nicotine liquids would likely be allowed; they are currently promoted as a method of quitting smoking, as these fluids do not contain many of the carcinogenic ingredients found in cigarettes.