Incredible news for all fans of Michael Schumacher and Formula 1: according to the French publication Le Parisien, the rider regained consciousness after six years in a coma. It is known that on Monday, September 9, Schumacher was urgently hospitalized at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris.

This happened in complete secrecy – ten doctors accompanied the stretcher on the stretcher, among whom was the famous surgeon and cardiologist Philip Menache. It is reported that in the clinic Michael underwent surgery to introduce stem cells into the heart tissue. According to one of the nurses, the seven-time Formula 1 champion is now conscious.

Recall that Michael Schumacher fell into a coma after an injury at a ski resort in Meribel in the Alps in 2013. After that, his condition worsened, then improved, but for the first time he only regained consciousness now. We are extremely happy and hope that very soon the rider will get to his feet!