By the time we got to it, we already saw the preview of the Tremors 6 in the news, in which there are still some drab sluts from the depths. But our favorite gunman is still here to kick them!

In the 1990s, Ron Underwood (Joe, the giant gyrus, Pluto Nash, Once Was Not) was released by Tremors – Where I’m going, a monster with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward’s starring has become a cult nowadays, and so much has been done to make Dun can be cleared with them. In addition, each new part has been reduced to quality, but like most horror franchises, Tremors does not know when it is worth completing, so the next issue is the sixth act.

With the release of Kevin Bacon with producer Jasom Blum, the series is not slowing down on DVD-only releases. Tremors: Cold Day in Hell is scheduled to be released on May 1st by Tremors 5: Bloodlines (Don Michael Paul) and screenwriter (John Whelpley), while the show returns to Michael Gross’s Burt Gummer role as veteran of the series. Tremors 5 introduced Jamie Kennedy (Travis Welker) as well. Contrary to the previous sections, it seems that this time the mood will be frozen. Just look at:

In addition to Grosson and Kennedy, Tanya van Graan (24 hours to Death, Death Race 2, Interstellar Invasion 3), Jay Anstey (Friend Request, Blood Drive) and Greg Kriek (Momentum, The Maze: Death Cure) too.
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