While just released on Netflix the huge disappointment Cloverfield Paradox (third installment of the franchise), and a fourth film has just been shot, we learn that a fifth album would be in preparation with his casting, Daisy “Rey-of-Star-Wars” Ridley.

Overlord , fourth episode of the mysterious (more so than that finally) Cloverfield saga , was shot and directed by Julius Avery ( Son of a Gun ). Written from a script by Mark L. Smith ( The Revenant ) and Billy Ray ( Hunger Games ), the footage is expected to be released in the cinema this year, and not on Netflix as its predecessor Cloverfield Paradox . The film would take place during the Second World War and show how Allied soldiers discover “supernatural forces ” (a new form of extraterrestrials?). In the US, the release date is currently set for October 26th.

Kolma, fifth Cloverfield?

A certain Kolma , announced in 2016 by Bad Robots (the production company of JJ Abrams), could possibly be very good for a potential Cloverfield 5  (or not at all). The film would be the adaptation by Megan Holley ( Sunshine Cleaning ) of an Israeli TV movie, All I’ve Got, which Ron Howard had already, in 2013, make a remake in English. So, it’s Daisy Ridley (the new Star Wars trilogy) who would interpret here the main role of this fantastic drama in which a woman loses her husband in a car accident, before choosing to go ahead by remarrying. But fifty years later, at the moment of her death, she finds herself in a parallel reality where she must choose between reliving her life since the day of the accident or finding her old love again. An intriguing pitch close to the likes of Abrams in terms of production ( Lost, Fringe, 10 Cloverfield Lane, … ).