Venom is finally unveiling a little more today in a first trailer that was eagerly awaited. The realization of Ruben Fleischer ( Welcome to Zombieland, Gangster Squad ) looks much more violent than the usual episodes of Spider-Man and this is undoubtedly what pleased his main actor, Tom Hardy.

Why does it become Venom?

These first images do not reveal to us what will be the look of the famous enemy of the spider-man but we realize that the character should be much more worked and dark than it was the case in the film of Sam Raimi for example .

If we believe the trailer, it is quite possible that Tom Hardy’s Venom is the result of experiences that went wrong and that our hero finds himself in the body of this monster after a scientific error. One can also see for a moment actress Michelle Williams who will play Anne Weying, the wife (or ex-wife) of Eddie Brock. The release of the feature film is still scheduled for October 10 in France and rumors already indicate a participation of Tom Holland, the current Spider-Man, the project. We can not wait to discover all that.