The Total War Arena project is a partnership between Creative Assembly, Sega and Wargaming. The first two, the historical base of the Total War saga, wanted something different to offer quality free-to-play. What’s better in this case than to call on Wargaming, cador in the field with games like World of Tanks or World of Warships. We were invited to discover their proposal in greater depth before the arrival of the open beta on February 22nd.

If you are a regular at Total War, you will have to review almost all your achievements because Arena is clearly distinguishable from canonical episodes. Already it is important to note, this is a multiplayer title that focuses only on real-time battles and not the traditional campaign, no longer presented. The game takes place during Antiquity and, despite the presence of many historical units, do not expect authenticity but rather a chaotic mix nevertheless harmonious for immediate fun.

Four factions are available: Romans, Greeks, Barbarians and Carthage. The term “barbaric” or even “Greek” has something to jump at first because it is a jumble of military troops from different tribes or city-states gathered under the banner of a single large cultural group. Thus the Athenian hoplites find themselves fighting alongside the Spartan royal guards and so on. It has the merit of being consistent with the spirit of play and being affordable for the greatest number. Another little surprise, the game works in the same way as a World of Tanks in the composition of the teams. Two teams of 10 players compete. In both, So in the same team, Romans and Carthaginians rub shoulders to war. It leaves you thinking but works very well.

” Spartans! What is your job? !!!”

Once the composition is made, the battle phase begins. It will then be necessary to choose on the map a starting location, of themselves, the players seem to have a tendency to make consistent choices. The cavalry at the edge of the map, the archers set back, the pikemen in front, etc. After a quick countdown the fight begins and we will have to capture the base and think about defending his own. Each map is inspired by high places of antiquity and famous historical battles: the forest of Teutoburg, the wall of Hadrian, etc. And clearly the level design is honoring Total War with maps where all the tactical fantasies are possible. Bypasses, ambushes in the woods, taken in reverse … A military enchantment that allows to have almost no dead time. Having to manage only 3 units pushes to take care of it and to think about the decisions. A faultless until then. As for the technique, the whole is fluid as possible and we are getting closer to the rendering of a Total War: Attila . Friendly.

At the moment, Total War Arena offers quality content to connect games where fun is the key word. It’s all the more jubilant as the game is free. Small-scale tactics take the lead and Total War confidently tackles an unknown turn so far. The only persistent shadow zone is the impossibility of judging micro-transactions and we hope that the system will focus a little more on the cosmetic part than on big bonuses that could jeopardize the equality between the players. If one does not know the form well, the bottom remains in any case very promising and pleasant.