German actress Diane Kruger supported Quentin Tarantino on Tuesday, with the American director facing many critics after Uma Thurman’s revelations about filming “Kill Bill” movies.

Last week, Uma Thurman joined the list of women accusing Harvey Weinstein of assaults. The actress also spoke about the “violent” behavior of Tarantino on the filming of “Kill Bill”. The director has indeed volunteered to perform some humiliating scenes of the film, spitting himself on his actress. The name Diane Kruger appeared in many articles, since she worked with Tarantino on the film “Inglourious Basterds” in 2009. It is he who strangled the actress especially during the scene of his murder. “This is an important moment in history and my heart goes to Uma and all those who have already been victims of sexual assault and abuse,” wrote Diane Kruger on Instagram. ” But I want to clarify that my experience with Quentin Tarantino was pure happiness. He treated me with respect and never abused his power to impose things I was not comfortable with. ”

In an interview with Deadline, Tarantino explained at length. Denying all sadism, he insists that he always had the agreement and confidence of his actresses. “I knew exactly where the spit was coming from, I was behind the camera so I did it, and if I had asked the actor, or even a stuntman to shoot that, they would have been intimidated. would have messed up scenes and we should have done them again. ” The director also apologized for Uma Thurman’s car accident during the filming of “Kill Bill: Vol.2”, stating that it is “the biggest regret of his life”. The actress, who had to drive a car in poor condition on a winding road, still has a legacy today.