A comedy series is made of the film A league of their own, the comedy from the nineties in which Tom Hanks and Geena Davis played the leading roles.


Variety reports that . According to the creators of the series, which is broadcast via the Amazon streaming service, it is not a remake but “a modern version of the story”.

The plot of A league of their own revolves around the first competition of female baseball players, set up during the Second World War.

The series will begin at the time the competition is formed in 1943 and focuses on the Rockford Peaches team, who try to keep the team spirit well between all matches and private discussions.


Besides Hanks, who played the coach of the team, Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell also had roles in the 1992 film. In 1993 they also tried to bring the film to the small screen, but this series version of CBS was stopped after three episodes.

It is not yet known who will play the leading roles in the series and when it will be broadcast.