WOODLAND HILLS, CA - JUNE 10: Cameron Diaz attends the MPTF Celebration for health and fitness at The Wasserman Campus on June 10, 2016 in Woodland Hills, California. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Cameron Diaz , who decided to leave her acting career and stop acting, told me how her life changed after that. When during the recent interview she gave along with her colleagues in The Sweetest Thing by Selma Blair and Christina Applegate, the actresses suggested that she be seen more often (in life they are very friendly), Diaz answered literally the following:

Maybe you’re right. Now I really do not do anything. I’m on retirement. And it’s amazing,

– admitted the star.

Despite the fact that the actress has finished her film career, she has warm and friendly relations with many colleagues. So, along with Jennifer Lawrence and Adele Diaz took part in the “Women’s March” in January this year, and last summer she spent time with her girlfriend Drew Barrymore.

Diaz, according to sources, decided because of her husband Benjy Madden – the actress wants to focus on his personal life and, perhaps, even become a mother.

She is happy, everything is fine in her personal life, and she wants to make the most of her free time,
“the insider said.