Rihanna ignites the canvas with her Fenty Beauty body products

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Rihanna hit the mark with her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty. Today, it is his products for the body that make the buzz.

 Rihanna and her brand of beauty products, Fenty Beauty a hit. With dozens of shades of foundation that allow all women, whatever their complexion, to find happiness, the star wanted to abolish the barriers and celebrate the diversity of women.

And she succeeded! We tear up our products. So when Rihanna announces, by a clever teasing, the launch of a new cosmetic, the buzz is inevitable. The canvas ignites itself. The object of all this agitation? BodyLava.


Rihanna takes herself as a model with her beauty oil, BodyLava

To showcase BodyLava, Rihanna exposes herself naked with this glittery oil on her body. If it is declined in two shades: fishing (Who Needs Clothes) and bronze (Brown Sugar), BodyLava will be enough to give the skin of the body a shot of light of the most fabulous, if one judges it by the photo of Rihanna’s luminous upper body.

Body Lava will be on sale in stores from April 6th. We also hope news about the availability of the makeup she wore to Grammy’s. Because at Fenty Beauty, we want the whole range!

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