A woman shot at three persons with a handgun at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno (California). Agents found the gunman dead, she presumably committed suicide.


The woman would have entered the grounds through the outside dining room of the headquarters. That was around 13:00 local time. From that moment on the woman shot until she entered the building.

According to the regional newspaper The San Jose Mercury News, the woman was targeting her boyfriend. The newspaper is based on a source within the police. However, the police did not say anything about a possible motive during a press conference. The police have released the identity of the shooter, it is the 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam.

In total, three people were injured by gunshot wounds. One of the victims, a 36-year-old man, would be in a critical condition, reports a spokesman for the hospital in San Francisco. The other wounded are a 32-year-old woman, her condition is “serious”, and a woman (27) whose condition is “reasonable”.

Emergency services rushed out massively. Shortly after the first reports, officers entered the building, where they found a “chaotic situation”. Employees fled massively from the building. A fourth person was injured by the ankle, possibly due to the crowds. Some 2,000 people work at the YouTube headquarters instead. 



President Donald Trump said in a first reaction that his thoughts are with the victims and the other people involved in the incident. He also thanks the police officers and other emergency services for their work. 

The boss of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, also says he has no words for the “awful” situation. Wojcicki also thanks all emergency services for their rapid deployment.