Minister Christophe Castaner from Home Affairs said that the French borders are more tightly guarded and also additional security for Christmas markets announced. 

hree people died in the shooting in the center of Strasbourg. That is what the Minister of Home Affairs said at a press conference. The perpetrator is still on the run.

According to Castaner, 350 agents are hunting the shooter. “He has twice entered the fight with the security forces,” he said. 

In addition to the three deaths, at least 12 were wounded during the shooting. Six of them would be in bad shape.

Because the perpetrator is still on the run, residents of Strasbourg are advised to stay inside. Schools and playgroups in the city remain closed today.

The parliament’s president, Antonio Tajani, tweeted to say it would “not be intimidated by terrorist or criminal attacks”.

Around eight o’clock last night panic broke out in the center of Strasbourg. In the city many people were on their feet because of a big Christmas market. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands has announced that there are no Dutch among the victims.

Automatic weapon

The perpetrator is a 29-year-old man from Strasbourg. He used an automatic weapon and a knife for his attack. His motive is still unknown, but in the meantime the perpetrator was clearly known to the French intelligence services.

Correspondent Stefan de Vries: “This morning there would have been a search in the house of the perpetrator, he would be suspected of a failed robbery and attempted murder, so he is certainly known by the police.”

European parliament

Dutch MEPs experienced the shooting up close. MEP Peter van Dalen told RTL News earlier that he was 50 meters from the spot where the shooting took place.

“Many people ran in panic on the streets and fled portraits, there are a lot of agents and soldiers on the street, everyone has to stay in. The mood is totally changed, this is a deep black day with so much suffering.”

Do not leave the building

Parliamentarians who were still working, were not allowed to leave the building. Around 01.00 hours, PvdA MEP Kati Piri told RTL News that she was still stuck in the European Parliament building.

The atmosphere was left there at that moment, not tense. “It is still uncertain how long we are stuck here and whether the hotels in the city center can still be reached.”