Megan Fox has “quite a few stories” when it comes to the # MeToo movement, but does not intend to share it with the world. The actress spoke years ago about woman-unfriendly behavior of director Michael Bay, but then got baking criticism over him. According to Megan, the world was not yet ready for these stories.

“My words were used against me in a way that was, at my age and with my reputation, extremely painful,” the actress told in an interview in the New York Times about the reactions she received ten years ago. 
“I find it annoying to say this about myself, but I think I was ahead of my time and people could not understand my story.”

When the # MeToo movement emerged late last year, the 32-year-old actress decided to keep her mouth shut. 
She did not want to be confronted with unpleasant reactions again. 
“I do not think I am a sympathetic victim, based on the reactions of people and feminists.”
Megan withdrew Fox in 2010 during the filming of Transformers 3. He would have made her inappropriate requests.