Jennifer Aniston rarely gives an interview about her personal life, which sometimes excites her fans much more than an acting career. But sometimes the star does make exceptions: for example, her commentary on the actions of Angelina Jolie in relation to Brad Pitt – “It was not cool” – literally blew up the Internet several years ago. And now Aniston again spoke about her unsuccessful marriages in an interview with Elle, the heroine of the new issue of which she became.

“I have no feeling of emptiness. I am sure that all my marriages were successful. When they reached the final line, they had to make a certain choice. We just decided to be happy, and sometimes unions cease to be so. This is normal, and this is not a failure, ”says Jennifer.

In addition, fans of the actress is still worried about the question: is she planning to ever become a mother. Most often, the star of “Friends” does not comment on the rumors about pregnancy or says that fate has its own plans. “Who knows what will happen to me in the future if we are talking about new relationships or children,” she says to Elle. “Science and miracles let things happen much later than expected.” It seems that fans of Aniston still have a chance to see their favorite actress in the role of mother, at least, Jennifer herself does not exclude this possibility.