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When Matt Damon shares his opinion on sexual harassment, the Internet kindly asks him to shut up.

After making sure he was unaware of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse and then admitted that he still knew the story of Gwyneth Paltrow’s assault, 47-year-old Matt Damon again angered Internet users an ABC interview with Peter Travers.

In response to a question about sexual harassment, the actor felt that we should not confuse everything. “There is still a difference between a hand to the buttocks and rape or pedophilia, is not it? We have to confront all these behaviors and stop them but I do not think they can be confused, right? “said Matt. On Twitter, Emma de Caunes, victim of Harvey Weinstein, simply retorted: “Connard.” Other comments asked the actor to ”

On the Weinstein case, Matt Damon insisted, “The people who were working with him could not know, any human being would have tried to stop him if he knew, I mean, I knew that I Would not like him to be married to someone close to me, but that’s all we knew.It was a juan donation, so it was not surprising.I did not hang out with him. ”