The 48 hour film launched Eddie Murphy’s career in 1982 and will now be entitled to his remake. The brothers Ben and Josh Safdie will be in charge of this new project, as reported by Variety .
In the original film, Eddie Murphy played a former prisoner who helped a detective, himself played by Nick Nolte, to find two cop killers.

A muscular casting

The scenario of the 48-hour remake will be written by Josh Safdie, alongside Ronald Bronstein, with whom filmmakers Ben and Josh Safdie have already worked on their film Good Time , and comedian Jerrod Carmichael, notably famous for his show on NBC, The Carmichael Show , and for appearances in Our Worst Neighbors and Transformers: The Last Knight . As Variety says , the film will be produced by Paramount Pictures.

As for Ben and Josh Safdie, they have recently proven themselves with Good Time, in which Robert Pattinson plays a thief trying to free his brother from the hospital.