The #MeToo wave continues to splash the world of cinema. The actresses will be dressed in black and white during the Golden Globes ceremony on January 7, according to Hollywood Reporter sources.

The actresses, presenters and nominees, spread the word to wear only black and white during the ceremony.

Protest against inequalities

A way to protest against inequalities between men and women and to cast a spotlight on the scandals of sexual assault that shook Hollywood since the Harvey Weinstein affair.

This idea is in line with the Screen Actors Guild Awards announced Wednesday that all the presenters, this year, will be women.

Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom sees an opportunity to reopen thinking about the treatment of the red carpet in the media and the hashtag #askhermore (ask him something else), created in 2014 to denounce the question: “What are you wearing? “. In the current context, the question of the quality of the dialogue on the red carpet is, according to her, more relevant than ever. That’s good, this year the outfits will carry a strong message.