After launching a video on YouTube announcing the birth of her daughter and showing the whole process of pregnancy, Caitlyn Jenner wanted to send a message to her daughter Kylie Jenner through Instagram after becoming a mother.

Many have been the rumors that Caitlyn Jenner and her ex-wife Kris Jenner were having a lot of problems to agree on issues related to the pregnancy of their daughter Kylie, but it seems that finally, Caitlyn has been able to be with her daughter and participate in this process.

Although it is true that throughout the video that Kylie has published announcing the birth of her daughter and where the whole process of her pregnancy is collected, Caitlyn is not seen anywhere, according to her words published on Instagram, she has been together with his daughter during her pregnancy.

” My daughter just had a daughter, it’s amazing to be by your side on this trip, she’s SO beautiful, I can not wait to see her grow up, ” Caitlyn wrote on her Instagram account.