Drake turns his new clip “God’s Plan” in a high school

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Drake surprised everyone by taking possession of the buildings of a Miami high school. But the students’ cameras managed to discover what the star was doing there: she shot the clip for her hit “God’s Plan”. Look at the images!

Drake goes back to school! The star was surprised in a Miami establishment. And that’s great news for fans. Indeed, the images taken by students show that the rapper is currently recording the clip of his title “God’s Plan”.
On the videos, we can see Drake at the top of a mechanized firefighter’s ladder, filmed in a drone. The crowd seems to be enjoying the star’s dance. This clip is surely one of the most anticipated in view of the success of the title “God’s Plan” which ranked directly number 1 on Billboard Hot 100. A first for the artist.

Drake is generous
Turning a clip in high school seems to have a lot more to Drake. The star has chosen to donate $ 25,000 to the establishment. A generous way to thank the school that hosted him for his new video. In addition, the artist wants to offer new uniforms, designed by him, to schoolchildren.
Between the presence of Drake, the filming of a clip and new outfits, high school students in Miami were spoiled. The rapper obviously took the time to make a small crowd with fans.

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