LOS ANGELES According to foreign media reports, the thriller movie “The Rhythm Section,” once stopped by Blake Lively, is finally scheduled to be re-photographed in the summer.

Previously, Lively shot an animated shot and suffered an accident when the hand was injured. The film was also forced to stop there. Lively received an operation after the injury, but the recovery of the injury was not satisfactory and she had to undergo the second operation. Now that Lively’s hand injury has finally started to improve, the new film also announced that it will return to filming in Spain this summer after stopping for six months.

The Beat Section, adapted from the first of a series of novels by writer Mark Burnell, was co-produced by EON Productions and IM Global, the former of the 007 series. The film recounts the tragic loss of a passenger missed by Stephanie Patrick, who missed the plane and whose family members who have checked-in were also killed in the accident. She later discovered that the crash was not an accident. In a step by step to reveal the truth, she also turned into a revenge assassin.

Reed Morano, the film’s director, once directed the hit drama The Handmaid’s Tale, one of Hollywood’s most promising female directors. Last Friday she also praised Moran for social media enthusiasm: “She can direct and use lenses, and even better actors than I. She is full of energy and can bring great excitement to others She is one of the best filmmakers, both men and women, one of the coolest people I know.

Also starring in the film British actor Jude Law. The original film is expected to be released in February 2019, but the impact of the accident by Lavigne has now been postponed.