The spin-off on Bumblebee would be a first step.

The Transformers Cinematic Universe (TCU) is experiencing difficulties. Despite its $ 605.4 million box-office last year,  The Last Knight  has had the worst start of all Transformers in 10 years. It could be that  Michael Bay  gives up the weapons and the studio Paramount relaunches the franchise without him. The reboot of the TCU is even already in progress.

It is  Transformers World that reports the information. Present at the Hasbro Toy Fair Preview 2018, the site reports that the company  “said that a new team of Paramount would revive the entire series of Transformers in live-action”.  Basically,  Transformers 6  was scheduled for June 2018. It has since been removed from the studio schedule. On the calendar published by Hasbro, however, there are four projects announced by 2021. Among them, a “Paramount / Hasbro” planned for three years.

Despite the fact that  Transformers  The Last Knight  is the most expensive film of the franchise, it is the one that has received the least success. Only, who to replace  Michael Bay  ? According to  Slashfilm ,  Travis Knight  is likely to take over. After making his debut in animation and becoming boss of Laika, the studio that produced  ParaNorman  and  The Boxtrolls , the 44-year-old American made  Kubo and the magical armor , named last year at the Oscars. Today he’s doing a spin-off on  Bumblebee, and Bay keeps the producer cap. If the film meets the expectations of Paramount, it could succeed the director / producer by taking full control of the new franchise.

Bumblebee will  take place in the late 1980s. It will tell the story of the famous yellow Autobot found smashed and injured by Charlie ( Hailee Steinfeld ), an 18-year-old teenager looking for his place in the world.

Also worn by  John Cena, the film will be released in the United States on December 21, 2018.