The cascade of departures to the White House continues: Hope Hicks, a close adviser to Donald Trump, announced Wednesday his resignation.

The elegant 29-year-old, who had joined the real estate mogul’s campaign from a very early age and had no political experience, held the position of Director of Communications in September.

Discreet in the media – she systematically refused requests for interviews – but influential behind the scenes, this former model, who had worked for Ivanka Trump in New York, had the ear of the president who has – noticeable – ever issued the slightest reservation about him.

“I have no words to express my gratitude to President Trump,” she said without further details on the reasons for her sudden departure, just over a year after the government came to power. businessman in his seventies.

The exact date of his departure was not fixed, but it should intervene “in the weeks to come” according to the executive.

The post of director of communication is traditionally less exposed than that of spokesperson, which is the true face daily of the American executive. Since the departure of Sean Spicer, in July, the latter is occupied by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, 35 years old.

Sign of the important rotation within the Trump team, Hope Hicks was the fourth person to hold this position. The latest, Anthony Scaramucci, a colorful character, had made a quick transition in this role.

“Hope is exceptional”

His name has just been added to Trump’s long list of top officials or close advisors who have decided to leave or have been thanked: Tom Price, Minister of Health, Steve Bannon (former Strategic Advisor), Reince Priebus (former Secretary General of the White House), Sean Spicer (former spokesperson) or Michael Flynn (former national security advisor).

“Hope is exceptional and did a great job,” said the US president commenting on his resignation. “She is smart, fine, really good,” he added, saying he was confident that he would work with her again in the future.

“Hope Hicks is loved and admired by all who know her,” added Ivanaka Trump on Twitter.

For his part, John Kelly, Secretary General of the White House has insisted on his maturity despite his young age. “She has served her country with a lot of class,” he added.

The resignation comes the day after the young woman’s in-camera hearing in Congress in the context of the Russian affair that poisons Donald Trump’s presidency.

Sarah Sanders, spokesperson for the US executive, assured that there was no connection between these two events.

His name appeared in one of the latest scandals that rocked the White House: the departure of Rob Porter, another adviser to Mr. Trump, accused by his ex-women of physical assault and psychological abuse.

Several media reports that Hope Hicks had a romantic relationship with Rob Porter, some wondered about his role in the initial reaction of the White House, which had praised the latter even as he was accused of serious facts by his former wives.