The TPS F2P merging cooperation and MMO Defiance will come back this summer under a new name and with many improvements: Defiance 2050.

This is a very strange announcement from Trion Worlds. While the Defiancelicense is not at its best (the series of Syfy was canceled after 3 seasons in 2015 and the video game that was linked to it shyly lives since its passage in free-to-play), here is that the developer announces a “remake” for this summer: Defiance 2050.

A redesign to take advantage of the latest machines

Scheduled this time on PC, PS4 and Xbox One (but without cross-platform), the title will be once again F2P and will always mix TPS and MMO in the bay of San Francisco in open world. It will therefore visibly about the same game, but reworked visually (textures, resolutions, performances …) and at the level of the gameplay without further details for the moment. Located 4 years after the events of the first game, the story will always ask the players to join forces to free the Earth from the aliens who have taken up residence on the planet. Note that it will not be possible to transfer a character from Defiance, but a rewards program will be on hand to thank the players.

Waiting for the release this summer or the closed beta phase that is coming “soon” (go here to register), you can still read what we said about the basic game in our column #LudumCare after its passage in F2P in 2015.

Defiance 2050 – Ad Trailer