The Sonic movie, it starts to make a long time we hear about it. Announced during E3 2014, the feature film dedicated to the best-known blue hedgehog on Earth has had some problems since then. The latest news is more reassuring.

Mario vs Sonic

In November 2016, Tim Miller, who had just been recognized thanks to Deadpool, announced his arrival on the project as executive producer. Neah H. Mortiz, an influential producer of American cinema ( Fast and Furious21 Jump Street, …) is also working on the creation of the film. As for the achievement itself, it is believed that Jeff Fowler, to whom we owe the animated short film Gopher Broke (Oscar-nominated in 2005), is still tipped to take care of it. But since October 2017, no news about the feature film. Since Mario, Sonic’s best enemy, has been talking a lot about him in recent weeks (with his personal film in particular), the hedgehog has decided to get his head out of the water.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, we should expect to see Sonic arrive in theaters November 15, 2019. This date is only for US soil although there is a good chance that the realization arrives at the same time at home ( November 13?). As a reminder, Sonic – The Movie is produced by Paramount, who bought the rights to Sony a few years ago and it should be a mix between animation and live-action like what we saw recently with movies about the Smurfs.