For lack of a contract for the season 9 of The Walking Dead for the moment, actress Lauren Cohan will be headlining with Scott Foley in the pilot episode of the series Whiskey Cavalier for ABC.

If AMC has made official the upcoming arrival of a season 9 for The Walking Dead while the 8 is not over yet, this next slew of episodes could be done without the actress Lauren Cohan. Indeed, the one who embodies Maggie since season 2 may well go elsewhere, due in particular to a lack of agreement around the contract with AMC for this season.

A new loss for The Walking Dead?

According to The Hollywood Reporter sources, even though she and her agents would not seek the same pay as stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, it seems that the deal proposed by AMC for a while is not convincing enough for to repeat again. No wonder then that Lauren Cohan is looking for a new role, even though media sources say she would not use her next project to force AMC’s hand.

But what will this new role consist of? For ABC this time, she should be the co-star with Scott Foley ( Scandal, which ends soon) of Whiskey Cavalier, an action drama that will have to pass the pilot box. The duo will play Will Chase aka Whiskey Cavalier and Francesca Trowbridge aka Fiery Tribune, FBI and CIA agents respectively, leading an inter-agency team of heroic, funny and imperfect spies who from time to time will have to save the world while managing their friendly, loving and office relationships.

Whiskey Cavalier: a pitch and promising actors

It remains to be seen if the driver of the show will be quite successful for a full season order and how will then be managed with Lauren Cohan if any. It is indeed possible that she completely leaves The Walking Dead, but also that she stays there in an important or more occasional role if AMC came to make an effort on the salary side. In the meantime, season 8 resumes on February 26th on AMC and OCS at home.