The US network sets dates for the first half season of season 3 The Sinner With Bill Pullman, Matt Bomer and Chris Messina, as well as the new drama anthology of Sam Esmail Briarpatch, led by Rosario Dawson. The two will bow on Thursday February 6th. See the new trailers for Briarpatch Higher and Sinful below.

Briarpatch follows Allegra Dill (Dawson), a professional who returns to her strange hometown to discover the murder of her sister. In the first season, the genres presented in Ross Thomas’ book are noted – an elegant blend of fictional and fictional literature – at the same time, his sense of pleasure, danger and place for the new generation is up-to-date. Jay R. Ferguson, Edie Gategi, Brian Geraty and Kim Dickens also play a major role.

Episode 10 Briarpatch was written for television by Greenwald, whose executive producer is Esmail through his production company Esmail Corp and Chad Hamilton of Anonymous Content. Dawson is also a television producer for UCP and Paramount Television.

The eighth episode of the third season Sinner follows detective Harry Ambrose (Pullman), who opens a routine investigation into a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester in upstate New York. Ambrose discovers a hidden crime that drives him into the most dangerous and alarming case of his career.

Derek Symonds is the executive producer and show runner of the UCP series. Jessica Biel and Michelle Violet are also executive producers through their company Iron Ocean, with Charlie Gogolak and Willie Real. Adam Bernstein directs the first two episodes and will also be executive producer.