Streaming service Amazon is said to have paid 25 million dollars (around 22 million euros) for the worldwide broadcasting rights to a forthcoming documentary about Rihanna, reports The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday based on sources.

Amazon refuses to comment on the documentary, the second film project that director Peter Berg enters into with the singer from Barbados.

The still nameless documentary gives an unveiled insight into the life of Rihanna. Berg has more than twelve hundred hours of raw footage at his disposal.

In 2017, Berg announced that she was busy completing the documentary and that she had followed the singer during her tour through Europe. In 2012, Rihanna had one of the lead roles in the science-fiction film Battleship directed by Berg .

At the beginning of December, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the rights of an already recorded but unnamed documentary about singer Billie Eilish went to Apple +. Apple’s streaming service also reportedly paid around 22 million euros for this.