The novel written in 1989 already came to the cinema in 1993, although with little success.

Stephen King’s horror novel “The Dark Half” is ready to become a film, with Alex Ross Perry to direct the project.

King wrote the book in 1989 about a novelist, whose pseudonym comes to life as a murderous twin, after his own pseudonym is revealed, reports

MGM first adapted to a film version in 1993 with the zombie horror icon George Romero directing, and Timothy Hutton starring in the project.

Hutton played best-selling author Thad Beaumont, who also sells police novels under the name of George Stark. When the pseudonym is exposed, the author and his wife give another author a ceremonial burial, resulting in George Stark coming alive and embarking on a wave of murders.

The movie was a box office failure, raising $ 10 million from a budget of $ 15 million.

Several of King’s novels have come to life both on the big and small screen, with projects such as “Carrie,” “The Shining,” “Stand By Me,” “The Green Mile,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “ Pet Sematary ”,“ It ”and“ It: Chapter 2 ”.