Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lovely are happy parents who raise three children. Periodically, in the actor’s social networks, you can see comic posts about how he copes with the role of his father, but seriously Ryan talks about this rarely. Recently, journalists still managed to talk to him and find out what he thinks about his paternity.

Reynolds shared his thoughts and emotions during an interview about the film “Six Outlawed”. The actor and his wife do not often reveal the secrets of family life, although their mutual public jokes will amuse and touch all fans. Many people are interested in knowing how Blake and Ryan deal with raising their daughters, if we put aside all the jokes.

The actor admitted that he and Lovely have to deal with various difficulties, but the spouses always manage to deal with them.

I love my life, I love my children. But with three girls it’s hard

– he noted. But a caring father is ready for any test.

With the words of the actor, his colleague in the film “Hobbs and the Show” Dwayne Johnson agrees. He is also the only man in the family and admits that his daughters make him truly happy.

All men say: “Oh yes, I’m going to raise a son!”, But when you have only one daughter, this is the greatest blessing,

Dwayne said in a recent interview. But after all the same he added that at times paternity is exhausting.