The ex-wife of R. Kelly makes her appearance next month in reality series Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. The three children Drea Kelly has with the singer can also be seen in the program.

“Every time everything gets back to normal, there’s a headline again”

The storyline of the family revolves around their return to Atlanta. In a trailer that released the WeTV channel on Wednesday, Drea discusses the impact the sex scandal surrounding the singer has on her and her children. “Every time everything gets back to normal, there’s a headline again,” she says.

Robert Kelly and Andrea got married in 1996 and had two sons (17 and 19) and a daughter of 20. They separated in 2006. In the clip, daughter Joanne, who nowadays calls herself Buku Abi, says that she wants to make it as a singer, but that her father’s case is haunting her everywhere.

Earlier this year the documentary Surviving R. Kelly was released. The makers of the six-part docu spoke to about fifty people about the alleged practices of the 52-year-old. A good number of women accuse the musician of sexual abuse, abuse of power and sex with minors. A criminal investigation was then started.