An optimistic word in the debate on climate change: in Ice on Fire , Leonardo DiCaprio, who produces and lends his voice to this documentary presented in Cannes, proposes solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of man.

The film envisages a solution to the climate crisis through the implementation of “very concrete” means, summarizes the American director Leila Conners, who had already worked with the actor for The 11th Hour (2007), also dealing with the climate.

Take kelp, these large seaweeds found along the sea coast. Not only do they absorb five times more carbon than surface growing plants, they are also among the fastest growing plants in the world.

But “if you provide a diet of algae to cattle, you get a 90% reduction in methane production,” says in the documentary Ben Smith, producer of kelp, one of the entrepreneurs interviewed in the film .

New fuels, innovative techniques to expel carbon dioxide … The documentary focuses on the scientific advances to be implemented without delay. 

“Climate change can be reversed if we act now,” says DiCaprio in the film.  

“It’s not a distant problem. The results will be visible in the course of our life, “continues Leila Conners. “It’s a human, moral problem. We are killing future generations by our inaction and our utter inability to properly debate them. “