“It’s going to be different and unique”: star of music and Instagram and first black woman to run a luxury brand launched with the French giant LVMH, Rihanna promises to revolutionize fashion.

The 31-year-old diva born in Barbados insists that she is not from this middle – select, always very white and mostly run by men – and wants to “bring her style”.

“I’m aggressive, I like the silhouettes and women look confident. That’s exactly what I want to bring, “she told AFP.

On the occasion of the launch of the ephemeral boutique of its brand Fenty in Paris a few steps from the Place des Vosges, the star followed by 170 million people on social networks, wearing a slim-fitting white jacket-jacket with pronounced shoulders stilted sandals on the heels of pointy stiletto sandals, like his long coral red nails.

Massive jewels bring a touch of more to her assumed look of sexy and powerful woman. All pieces worn by Rihanna are from the first collection of Fenty that can be seen in stores for ten days, but buy online from May 29.

The changes in the world of fashion, she wants to bring from her point of view of “young black woman who adores and adopts the ideas and energies of young people and wants to turn them into something luxurious for a luxury home”, LVMH, whose Chief Executive Officer Bernard Arnault, gave him “carte blanche”.

“I appreciate the fact that they are very flexible and allow me to do things my way (…). Mr. Arnault is not stupid, he is a very intelligent and open man, “she says.

The diva defines her style as “very flexible and depending on the mood”.

“It’s like most women wondering how I want to feel at this time of day, will I be comfortable, conservative, sexy?” She continues.

The one who has already collaborated by creating sneakers for Puma and a line of cosmetics with LVMH with a palette of fifty shades of foundation tailored to all skin colors, hopes to “expand” the brand’s customer base luxury.

“I want all kinds of women to wear my clothes,” says Rihanna, whose brand advertises a gray-haired mannequin and promises clothes up to size 46.

Strong shoulders, pronounced waist, legs unveiled and corset, in denim, to play down the outdated “feminine” side: this is the first collection of Fenty in pure colors-pink, white, or camel.

Streetwear-inspired pants suits are worn with futuristic XXL glasses and gold-plated maxi-earrings adorned with crystals.

“Fashion shows are not yet on the agenda”: this millennium wants to innovate for millennials – the biggest consumers of luxury of tomorrow. The presentation and distribution of the collections will not be done in a traditional way either.

“I do not come from the fashion industry and my vision will be much less traditional,” says Rihanna.

She plans to unveil pieces and accessories as simple that will one day enter an album and make them immediately accessible on the internet for its admirers.

“The consumer has to have a room they like right now and not in six months (…) I like the customer who hates to wait,” says Rihanna, referring to the time that passes between the classic parades ready-to-wear and the sale of collections in stores.