After the Las Vegas killing, Marvel and Netflix decided to pause the promotion of the first season of  The Punisher. But the hostilities have just resumed.

We know now the date of the series, while a new trailer promises us a sacred condensed urban war. We do not have much time to wait, since Netflix will fire at will on Frank Castle as early as November 17th.

And Jon Bernthal’s lead-weighted adventures seem   rather intense to judge by this ultimate trailer, where our anti-hero massacre almost everything that moves, attempting to settle his account to a former soldier of the kind not convenient , himself decided to have his birth certificate swallowed at the Punisher.

It is still unclear to what extent this destructive vendetta will be connected to other Netflix shows or to the Defenders, at most it can be understood here that  Deborah Ann Woll , who is always anxious to bring peace and redemption to the judge, part. One thing is certain, the promotion of The Punisher is so far very successful, faithful to the dark idea and muscular radicality inherent to the character. It is now hoped that Netflix will have taken care of the writing of the whole and will not have fallen back into its well-known ways in terms of construction.

Verdict on November 17th.