On Wednesday night, the man responsible for a fatal shooting in Maryland was arrested after a manhunt.

A 37-year-old man who was actively sought by law enforcement officials in the eastern United States on Wednesday was arrested in the evening after two successive shootings, one of which killed three people and wounded two seriously. of a Maryland business. “The suspect was located and he is in detention!” Said Wilmington police in Delaware on Wednesday night.

Two consecutive shootings

The “armed and dangerous” suspect, identified by authorities as Radee Labeeb Prince, had fled in a vehicle registered in neighboring Delaware, where a second shootout occurred. The authorities did not indicate whether there had been any casualties on that occasion. The first shooting occurred shortly before 9 am in Edgewood, northeast of Maryland, at Advanced Granite Solutions, which specializes in kitchen countertops.

An attack that seems targeted against this company

The Sheriff of Harford County told a conference that arriving four minutes after being warned, the police discovered “five people with gunshot wounds. Three had died. ” “Talking about the motivations (of the suspect) would be premature,” he said. “This seems to be a targeted attack on this company” to which the suspect is “associated,” he said, without further clarification.

He already had a criminal record

He had waved the picture of the suspect wanted – a bearded black man – in front of the cameras, adding that he had a criminal record and that he had used only one handgun. He said the wanted man had been on the staff for about four months and was expected to work Wednesday. “There were many more people than the five that he fired,” he said, adding that “if he could have shot more people, this would have resulted in more casualties” .

“All the victims and the suspect knew each other”

“There are still a lot of questions about the incident,” Gahler said, adding that the suspect went to the Delaware after the shooting, where a second shooting occurred Wilmington. Police in this city issued a search warning for Radee L. Prince “in connection with both a multiple shootout early this morning in Edgewood, Maryland, and another shooting at midday today. .) in Wilmington. “

“All the victims and the suspect knew each other,” said the Wilmington police, adding that the man, whose photo she and the vehicle she had also broadcast, had family in Wilmington. A house to which he is “related” has also been visited by the police, Gahler said.

The site of the shooting of the American series “House of Cards”, located in Maryland, had been placed under confinement because of the first shooting, according to the specialized magazine Variety. The executive producer of this hit series Dana Brunetti wrote on Facebook that there was a “shootout near the House of Cards plateau”.