The actor Casey Affleck and Alfonso Cuaron, the director of Gravity, will collaborate on a dramatic series of horror.

Subscriber of the large screens, Casey Affleck will debut on television. The brother of the actor Ben Affleck will be well surrounded since he will be under the orders of Alfonso Cuaron , director of the film Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. It is the Deadline site that reports this information by explaining later that this dramatic series of horror will trace the origins of a cult.

For the time being no other details have been given, nor even the title of the show and it is not yet known if this series will be of the same genre as season 7 of American Horror Story and therefore more centered on horror or if it will be more focused on the dramatic side.

Other information that Deadline reports, Alfonso Cuaron will be the screenwriter, director and executive producer. Casey Affleck will be the star of the cast and will also have a say since he will be an executive producer.