In a decision likely to displease fans, Electronic Arts have chosen to take control of the Star Wars project entrusted to Visceral Games, while closing the studio in passing. If the game originally made by Amy Hennig is not canceled, it is about to undergo several radical changes.

The choice of Electronic Arts is as surprising as it is frustrating. In a posting on the official website of the publisher , Patrick Söderlund, Vice President of EA, announced that Visceral Games (the saga Dead Space , Battlefield: Hardline ) will close in the near future and that the project Star Wars where the studio was working to change hands and direction.

“Our industry is evolving more rapidly and more dramatically than ever before … In this ever-changing market, we focus on creating experiences that attract the player. Our Visceral studio was developing an action-adventure game in the universe of Star Wars. In its present form, it had to be a narrative and linear game. It became clear that in order to offer an experience that players will enjoy for a long time, we had to rotate the project. “

Empire changes course

Understand that EA does not want to take the risk of investing in an AAA that will only earn money in the short term. The US publisher has become particularly fond of multiplayer games, much more lucrative in the long run. When Visceral had recruited the talented Amy Hennig, ex-writer and creative director on the first three Uncharted , to complete the project.

If the San Francisco-based studio is going to close down, although EA says the company will try to integrate as many employees as possible into its other teams, the Star Wars game is not going to get cold, a cancellation.

“We will keep the exceptional achievement and authenticity of the universe in order to focus on creating a Star Wars story. More importantly, we will transform the game into a wider experience, with more varieties, re-imagining the core elements of the game and tapping into the Forstbite engine’s capabilities to provide players with a deeper adventure. “

EA Vancouver, led by Steve Anthony, is scheduled to be released later than expected by 2020. Amy Hennig will be in talks with the publisher about her future.