Released in 2008, The Incredible Hulk was the first and only solo film devoted to the green giant. Incarnated at the time by Edward Norton, Hulk is now interpreted by Mark Ruffalo. The latter has never hidden his desire to have a solo film and even if Hulk is not going to have a solo film, it would seem that we learn more about the green giant in the next Marvel movies.

In fact, Mark Ruffalo, who plays Hulk since the first Avengers, announced in an interview for ComicBookmovie, that the plot around his character will be developed in three Marvel movies and will begin with Thor: Ragnarok.

“Kevin Feige took me aside and asked me if I had any ideas for a solo film on Hulk. I made several proposals to him, that it starts like that and ends this way. “

“He loved my ideas, then he suggested telling this story in the next three movies. It would start in Thor 3, then Avengers 3 and end in Avengers 4. “

“I thought it was great. So we are really at the very beginning of an arc on three feature films. “

On October 25, you will be given an opportunity to discover the first arc of Hulk’s story in Thor: Ragnarok .