Gal Gadot, alias Wonder Woman, would be in the discussion to join the thriller Ruin, directed by Justin Kurzel.

Since his role in Wonder Woman everyone is tearing Gal Gadot . After revealing that the young woman was negotiating to join Bradley Cooper in a supernatural thriller , it is now learned that the actress could play in another film entitled Ruin .

The latter will be a thriller underneath revenge and would take place after the Second World War. Directed by Justin Kurzel (Assassin’s Creed, Macbeth) , Ruin will follow a former Nazi army captain to chase the former members of his death squad to redeem himself.

For the time being, we do not yet know the role of Gal Gadot but he murmurs that the shoot takes place before Wonder Woman 2 , whose release is scheduled for 2019.

In the meantime, we will find Gal Gadot in Justice League , which will be released on November 15 in our theaters.