On the eve of her 60th birthday, Sharon Stone gave the media a reason to discuss her personal life. The paparazzi photographed the actress on the beach in Miami in the company of an unknown man. Soon the personality of the movie star’s boyfriend ceased to be a secret. As the Western press writes, Stone meets with the 41-year-old Italian Angelo Boffa. 

Angelo is successfully engaged in real estate trading, lives in Zurich, but spends a lot of time in Ibiza. With Sharon, he met in St. Moritz in December last year during his business trip to Switzerland.

According to the Italian news site Illusidario, in January, Stone and Boffa were spotted kissing in New York. Other Italian media claim that the couple held a Valentine’s Day in one of the hotels in Paris. 

The ring on the ring finger of the actress gave journalists a reason to talk about a possible engagement. In a recent interview, Sharon described the relationship she is seeking.



If I wanted to see a man next to me, it would not be an attempt to adapt. I need a real partnership, but it’s hard to find,”said the actress.