André Rieu (68) does not care about the call from various Palestinian organizations to cancel his concert in Tel Aviv. Rieu says he is not concerned with the political conditions in Israel.

According to Pierre Rieu, André’s son and his concert organizer, no request has been made to cancel a concert. “We are not concerned with politics, but with music,” he says to De Limburger. 

André Rieu, who has planned four concerts in Tel Aviv, would have been invited to join artists like Lorde, Brian Eno and Lauryn Hill, who refuse to give concerts in Israel. However, world stars like  Paul McCartney and Elton John did not respond to the boycott.

According to De Limburger, Palestinian organizations through a site for human rights know that they find action in Tel Aviv, on Palestinian territory, inappropriate. ,, A concert in Israel today is the equivalent of a performance of ‘slegs fir blankes’ in the South African resort of Sun City in the 1980s, when the government repressed black South Africans. ”

Rieu recently announced that he was looking forward to a number of ‘great’ shows in Israel, where he had never performed before.