Angelina jolie

If there’s anyone who rarely makes a beauty or fashion blunder, it’s Angelina Jolie (46). Nevertheless, she raised eyebrows last night at the premiere of her new Disney film ‘Eternals’ in Rome. The actress was spotted with hair extensions and they were not exactly neatly put in.

It didn’t take long for photos of her haircut to circulate on social media.

When you have hair extensions put, it is intended that there is no difference between your real hair and the extensions. However, this was not the case with Angelina Jolie. The photos clearly show where her own hair stops and the extensions begin. Many people wonder if the actress’s hairstylist simply forgot to finish the job.

And that’s not all. For example, many people believe that whoever is responsible for her haircut should be fired. People also wonder whether there really was no one in her circle who did not see in advance that her extensions were not right. A joke that the extensions were put on by someone who is friends with Jennifer Anniston can count on the necessary likes. 

Angelina is busy. In addition to the Disney film Eternals, she also recently appeared in the thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead.