Singer John Legend (42) and model Chrissy Teigen (35) make it no secret to their children Luna (5) and Miles (3) that their little brother died in the stomach, Chrissy says in an interview with the platform. Scary Mommy’. In September 2020, Chrissy suffered a miscarriage after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

“I couldn’t even keep it a secret if I wanted to”

“They learned everything that happened during the miscarriage. The tension, the nerves of ‘this is not going well’,” says the model. “Then Luna saw me coming out of the bathroom and she asked: are you still bleeding? She knew everything. I couldn’t even keep it a secret if I wanted to.”

Yet the children did not understand much of what was going on, because they were and are still so young. “Until we got his ashes home,” Teigen looks back. “That way we could explain what had happened, that he’s with us now, but he didn’t make it.”

Using the ashes, Chrissy and John tried to explain to their children what had happened to little Jack. “We told them that Jack likes that we still think about him, that we cry about him and that we talk about him. That makes him very happy.”