When Jamie Lynn Spears (30) became pregnant at sixteen, her parents did not allow her to tell her sister Britney (39). That tells the ‘Zoey 101’ actress in her new book, of which ‘TMZ’ has seen a part.”I needed her more than ever and she couldn’t help me at a time when I was very vulnerable”

Britney was asked by paparazzi to comment on Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy in 2007, calling photographers crazy. “My sister is not pregnant,” she told the cameras. When the photographers told her that Jamie Lynn and their mother Lynne had confirmed the news, she clearly didn’t believe it and said, “Whatever.

Jamie Lynn says in her book that she had a lot of trouble with not sharing the news with Britney, who is ten years her senior and was being treated psychiatrically at the time. “I needed her more than ever and she couldn’t help me at a time when I was very vulnerable. To this day it hurts that I wasn’t allowed to tell my sister this,” she writes.

In the forthcoming book, Things I Should Have Said , Jamie Lynn also explains that her parents initially tried to persuade her to have an abortion and later give up the child for adoption. When she chose to keep the baby, she would have had to stay with her mother in a cottage in the countryside so that no one saw her until the news, which she shared in an exclusive interview with OK Magazine , was out.

Jamie Lynn gave birth to her daughter Maddie in June 2008. She was engaged to Maddie’s father Casey Aldridge a few months earlier, but the two split in late 2009. She married Jamie Watson in 2014, with whom she had daughter Ivey in 2018.