Coco is released on November 29 and, strangely, we do not talk about it a lot. It’s not that we do not care but we must say what is: the release of a new film Pixar is not really an event today. And it’s a little sad. But that should change soon.

Yes, because if Pixar seems to have been out of place for several years, using the same narrative clichés of one film on the other, we can not forget the dream factory that John Lasseter’s studio has been for a very long time and the many masterpieces he has given us, even to the point of imposing a Pixar paw that will be resumed and denatured by all the competition to standardize much of the artistic direction of Western animation.

And since the studio is in decline, we are still waiting for the film that will enhance its image. So yes, there is Toy Story 4 in the pipes but, as far as we are concerned, we will turn more towards Les Indestructibles 2 which will be released on our screens on July 4th, 2018. Already, because the first film is a pure jewel who does not take a ride, then because it’s mainly the best movie of superheroes ever released in the cinema and finally because  Brad Bird signs his big return in the world of animation.

If the wait is at its maximum since its announcement, we can not say that the film is much unveiled about what awaits us, which is a very good thing of course. At worst we know that this second opus should focus more on Elastigirl while Mr. Indestructible is confined to the education of children, including Jack Jack baby whose powers are beginning to emerge. Obviously, the arrival of a new super-villain should change the situation and all these people, accompanied by Frozone, should start fighting again.

It is, therefore, a great happiness that we discover today the first teaser of the film, centered on Jack-Jack who has the honor to create the title, before Mr. Indestructible will take him in his arms for a small gag final. A very short video, less than a minute, but which is extremely enjoyable as the atmosphere of the first film transpires in this short excerpt. Yes no doubt, The Incredibles are back and less than a year from the release of the film, the wait is already at its peak.

They had missed us so much.