35-year-old Hilaria Baldwin ( Hilaria by Baldwin), the wife of 61-year-old actor Alec Baldwin ( Alec by Baldwin), lost their fifth child. Miscarriage occurred early in pregnancy.

News about the tragedy of Hilaria shared on social networks. She published a family photo with her husband and four children.

” Today the ultrasound showed , that the heart of our baby no longer beats … It’s over … Fortunately , my side of the heart beat the most beloved people. I am surrounded by incredible care , I was very lucky. Thank you for your attention and support, ”confessed a woman on Instagram. Hilaria also thanked everyone , who is not afraid to share their stories about miscarriages.

In the comments, she was supported by the star of The Vampire Diaries, Claire Holt – she lost her child last spring , and gave birth to her first child in late March . “I’m sorry. Thank you , that shared this pain , to help others “, – the actress wrote.

Hilaria knew about the threat of miscarriage. Doctors told her , that the fetus does not develop so ,as it should , but his heart is very weak. They asked the actor and his wife to be ready for anything.

Since their marriage in 2012, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria immediately decided , that they will have many children. The young wife of the actor bore him four children.