Streaming service Netflix released the debut trailer of the first season of the new series “Chambers”, which is scheduled to premiere on April 26th. The leading roles in the film were performed by Sivan Alira Rose, Uma Thurman , Tony Goldwyn, Liliya Reid, Nicholas Golitsyn and others.

The plot revolves around the girl Sasha, who is going through a heart attack. To save her life, the doctors transplanted Sasha’s heart. She meets the donor’s family, after which she begins to see the life of the deceased girl – and adopt her features. Over time, Sasha begins to realize that she has become part of the sinister events that are associated with the mysterious fate of the former owner of the organ.

Uma Thurman plays in the series Nancy – the mother of the donor, who made friends with the girl. And the more she communicates with her, the more she does not believe that her daughter is dead … In fact, this daughter died under mysterious circumstances. And, of course, the mother cannot accept this. Father of the girl played by Tony Goldwyn.

The series was created by Leigh Rachel, who also acted as executive producer with Stephen Gagan. He is best known for his screenplay for Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic (Traffic), based on the Channel 4 TV series, for which he won the Oscar.

This is a psychological horror story that deals with various ways of experiencing trauma. But what begins with ordinary human history ultimately turns into something far more strange and mysterious than you expected.

– says its creator.