Kim Kardashian has started a law study. The reality star has agreed to do an internship at a law firm for four years.

In the United States, people cannot study law at the university unless they first have a bachelor’s degree. However, in four states that are different, including in California, Kardashian can also start studying with her high school diploma.

Part of this is that she has to study under supervision for eighteen hours a week and have to do an internship at a law firm for at least four years. The reality star tells the American Vogue that she has been doing so since July of last year.

“I had to think about it for a long time,” said Kardashian, who says that the case of Marie Johnson, who helped the reality star to be allowed to leave the prison, convinced her.

“Then I noticed that I needed and wanted to know more about the American legal system. I want to fight for people who have been punished and now deserve to resume their lives,” said Kardashian.

The reality star does not mention in the interview that her father Robert was also a lawyer. He assisted OJ Simpson and others.