The network has new footage of the movie ” Harry and Megan: The Story of Royal Love ” (Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story), which finally can see the main characters. Previously, the creators of the project demonstrated other actors in history and even allowed the film, and now, it seems, decided to show future viewers all the main characters.

Paris Fitz-Henley, who won the role of Megan Markle, and Murray Fraser, who played Prince Harry, appear on the streets in romantic images of two lovers. The film, in fact, tells the story of the tender feelings of an actress and a British aristocrat.

New photographs also include Queen Elizabeth II (played by actress Maggie Sullivan), Prince Charles (Steve Coulter), Duchess of Cornwall (Deborah Ramsey), Prince William (Burgess Ebernetti), Kate Middleton (Laura Mitchell), Prince George (Preston Carvat) and Princess Charlotte (Brieela Weintraub).

The Lifetime channel will feature the film “Harry and Megan: The Story of Royal Love” on May 13, that is a week before their real wedding, scheduled for May 19.