The series will adorn the incredibly picturesque nature of the island of Skye.

The producers of the series The Witcher promised that the shooting of the second season will start at the beginning of 2020. In his Instagram account, Canadian director Steven Sergic posted pictures of future locations of the series.

Serdzhik is known to viewers on TV shows such as Umbrella Academy and The Punisher. It is possible that he will take part in the filming of several episodes in the continuation of The Witcher. On Instagram, the director posted a series of shots where he and the Witcher crew were exploring the coast of Isle of Skye in Scotland. Under the photo, Sergik added quotes from the work of the English writer Mary Shelley “Frankenstein”, and immediately below them – Easter eggs for fans of the series:

“Far from civilization, exploring the expanses of Scotland”

“Together with the crew of The Witcher, we’ll look at the locations”

Presumably, the island will become a new training ground for future filming. Fans already have a theory that Sodden Hill will be recreated in this location. According to the plot, it was on this hill last season that there was a fierce battle between sorcerers and the Nilfgaard army.