Perhaps in the future the project will be under the wing of some other television channel or studio.

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios has decided to discontinue the development of the series “The Dark Tower”, which was based on the eponymous series of novels by Stephen King. The project was entrusted to Glen Mazzare, who worked on the script for the television show, designed for 13 episodes. The creators even managed to shoot a pilot episode, but subsequently the series never received a green light.

At the center of the Dark Tower series is a shooter named Roland Disney, who wants to save that terrible post-apocalyptic world in which he lives. To do this, he needs to reach the mysterious tower, which is located where time and space intersect. Along the way, he gathers a team of drug addict Eddie, a boy named Jake and legless Suzanne Dean. The roads of Roland and his companions are full of incredible adventures, and their main enemy is the dodgy devil, known as the Man in Black. He also wants to get to the tower in order to seize power over the world.

In the pilot series, Strelka was played by Sam Strike, while Jasper Pääkkonen played Man in Black. This series was conceived as the backstory of The Dark Tower, in which viewers had to find out exactly what prompted Roland to get his guns and speak out against the Man in Black. Despite the failure with Amazon, the creators of the series are looking for other opportunities to implement the project.